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There is a fresh release at last! I really believe in releasing software as frequently as possible, yet I somehow neglected to do so for more than a year. Even though a lot of work was completed during that time, I was just unable to pick the ideal moment to make an official release.

Despite the fact that no new countries are included in this release, there are several upgrades, corrections, and refinements that make Yasumi 2.6 worthwhile to upgrade to.

On a different note, this will be the site's final blog entry. The blog section usually only provides release announcements and no other news, as I originally intended. GitHub's Discussions are a far better location to communicate any release announcements or other conversations, so I will make use of that going forward to provide any news or changes. Having everything in one place saves me time and believe will benefit everyone who uses Yasumi.

A big thanks to all of those that have contributed and those supporting Yasumi!


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The above are the most noteworthy changes: for a complete list, check the Changelog that comes with this release. As always, if you notice anything incorrect or have suggestions for enhancements, please log your issue or request on GitHub.

What's next?

A couple things have been bothering me, making it difficult for me to keep on top of this project. First and foremost, Netlify hosts the documentation site, which periodically requires extra care when deployments go wrong. Second, GitLab hosts the documentation website's content source, separate from the source code. I'm not sure why I choose to host the website and source code separately, but I believe it was because GitHub didn't offer a central means to manage everything at the time.

To make things a little bit easier to manage, I'm planning to return the documentation site's content source and deployment to GitHub. Additionally, considering a different static site generator along the way. In particular Material for MKDocs got my attention because it supports different versions, languages, and has built-in capabilities to deploy to GitHub Pages. It looks like a good alternative for the current setup.

All of this translates to:


Contributions are encouraged and welcome; I am always happy to get feedback or pull requests on GitHub. Create GitHub Issues for bugs and new features and comment on the ones you are interested in.

If you enjoy what I am making, an extra cup of coffee is very much appreciated. Your support helps me to put more time into Open-Source Software projects like this.

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