The easy PHP Library for calculating holidays

Keep your <global> application in sync with holiday dates - Forever


New release! Version 2.7 available now

Yasumi (Japanese for 'Holiday'「休み」) is the easy PHP library that helps you retrieve the dates and names of holidays and other special celebrations from various countries/states. It is calculation and rule driven avoiding the need of a comprehensive database.

Easily extend and expand
new countries

New countries and holidays can be added comfortably as Yasumi is provider based and holidays are rule driven.

Use with any
PHP framework

Yasumi is framework agnostic allowing you to use it anywhere, without trouble even when you decide to change your framework.

Speaks multiple languages
in any location

Yasumi comes out of the box with translations in many languages for all the holiday names, and is totally timezone aware.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Use the factory to create a new holiday provider instance
$holidays = Yasumi\Yasumi::create('USA', (int) date('Y'));