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It is that time again; the time for a new release!

We have two more countries, and for a few countries new holidays are added, or regulations have been revised. Even more importantly, support for PHP 7.3 has been dropped, so all the more reason to upgrade to version 2.5.

The documentation site has undergone a few changes, specifically to support readers with disabilities. And lastly, head over to GitHub Discussions to ask questions or share your ideas.


Supported Countries/Regions







A big thanks to all of those that have contributed and those supporting Yasumi!

New countries

In this release, we have two new countries added, the countries of Argentina and Turkey. Note that Islamic holidays for Turkey are not yet included. Islamic holidays are a bit more complex, so these will be implemented at a later stage.




United Kingdom

South Korea


PHP 7.3

PHP 7.3 is no longer supported as of this version, as 7.3 has reached its end of life. Please refer to the Security and Support Policy for more details on which versions of Yasumi and PHP are supported.


A few changes are made to the documentation website. Most notably is the font used on the website: to improve legibility, Inter is chosen for different types of devices, and even more in particular to support visitors with disabilities. For those readers, also the contrast of the hyperlinks is increased and labels are added to some HTML elements that were missing.

GitHub Discussions

Sometimes you may have questions or topics to discuss that do not immediately require an issue or pull request. GitHub Discussions is now active as a place for you to ask those questions, or share your awesome ideas on Yasumi.

The above are the most noteworthy changes: for a complete list, check the Changelog that comes with this release. As always, if you notice anything incorrect or have suggestions for enhancements, please log your issue or request on GitHub.


Contributions are encouraged and welcome; I am always happy to get feedback or pull requests on GitHub. Create GitHub Issues for bugs and new features and comment on the ones you are interested in.

If you enjoy what I am making, an extra cup of coffee is very much appreciated. Your support helps me to put more time into Open-Source Software projects like this.

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