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With the summer having come to an end, you may feel reinvigorated to give your PHP project(s) a cleanup. And why not upgrade Yasumi to the next version while you are at it? Because from today v2.2 is officially available!

First of all, I wish to extend a huge thank you to Christian Schmidt and pioc92 as they have helped tremendously with numerous improvements and fixing several issues.

And my gratitude does not stop there: I also want to thank everybody that has installed Yasumi as we have achieved over half a million installations!! Now I am really curious to see how fast we can get to the 1 million mark :)


Supported Countries/Regions







Moving on to the good stuff...

New countries

In this version of Yasumi, 5 new countries have been added: South Korea, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A few more countries and then Europe will be finally complete.

Still, we are not there yet, with many more countries needing to be included. Adding these become more challenging as in some countries official holidays do not always follow a regular (arithmetic) pattern (Often due to a religious background or various undocumented governmental changes).


For the United Kingdom, the Late Summer Bank Holiday (prior 1965) has been added, with an additional fix for this holiday in 1968 and 1969. The May Day Bank Holiday in 1995 and 2020 and Spring Bank Holiday in 2002 and 2012 had a one-off exception, which has been incorporated now as well.

Some holidays have been classified incorrectly and now rectified:

Lastly, a fair number of translations have been added and fixed for the 'fr_FR' locale.

Have a look at Yasumi's Changelog if you want to see the complete list of changes, fixes, etc.


The documentation content has not changed significantly, however some background work in the way the pages are created has been taken place.

For creating the documentation pages, I am using Tighten's Jigsaw - a static HTML generator -, and Bulma for the styling. All the generated HTML pages, CSS files, etc. are subsequently published to Github Pages with Webpack.

Since my local setup for the documentation site had become fairly unmanageable - with messy code, I took the time to do some serious cleanup and rework. You may not notice any of that, but I am now able to generate the pages faster and with less code to maintain :)

PHP 7.1

Be aware that active support for PHP 7.1 has ended already, with security support ending December 1st 2019. This means that once PHP 7.1 reaches EOL, Yasumi will also stop supporting 7.1 and increasing the minimum required PHP version to 7.2.

Again a big thank you to all those that have contributed and let's see how quickly we can get to 1 million installations.



Contributions are encouraged and welcome; I am always happy to get feedback or pull requests on Github. Create Github Issues for bugs and new features and comment on the ones you are interested in.

If you enjoy what I am making, an extra cup of coffee is very much appreciated. Your support helps me to put more time into Open-Source Software projects like this.

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