06/22/2020 Sacha Telgenhof

Yasumi Release v2.3 Now Available

3 minute read

These are challenging times, and I hope everybody is staying safe and healthy. Working from home has some great benefits, but for an increased period ...

05/18/2020 Sacha Telgenhof

A new Yasumi Documentation Site

2 minute read

Yasumi has now its own domain, and a brand-new documentation website! I hope you will like the improvements. Content Source on Gitlab The...

10/06/2019 Sacha Telgenhof

Yasumi Release v2.2

3 minute read

With the summer having come to an end, you may feel reinvigorated to give your PHP project(s) a cleanup. And why not upgrade Yasumi to the next versio...

03/29/2019 Sacha Telgenhof

Yasumi Release v2.1

2 minute read

A couple of months after the successful v2 release, a new minor release is available as of today. Yasumi v2.1 addresses mostly a few issues for the Ja...

01/11/2019 Sacha Telgenhof

Welcome Yasumi version 2!

3 minute read

Almost a year has passed since the release of v1.8.0, but finally it is here: Yasumi release version 2! PHP 7 This new release marks the next step i...

02/21/2018 Sacha Telgenhof

Yasumi v1.8.0 Is Now Available

2 minute read

Yasumi v1.8.0 is now available as of Wednesday, February 21st supporting Russia and Estonia thanks to the work of Gedas LukoŇ°ius. As already announc...

01/25/2018 Sacha Telgenhof

Hello Time

2 minute read

Coming April will be 3 years since Yasumi saw its first daylight! In these 3 years I've worked on Yasumi mostly in my spare time and can tell you that...