Security Policy

Supported Versions

As for supported PHP versions, Yasumi supports only the actively supported versions of PHP. Currently, that is PHP 7.4, and 8.0. Please refer to the supported versions page, to find more details. When a version of PHP becomes EOL, generally a new release of Yasumi will be issued that sunsets the support of that retired PHP version.

PHP 8.1 is not supported at the moment, as there is an outstanding issue with the timezone transitions in PHP 8.1. Yasumi uses the timezone transitions to determine summer-time and winter-time dates.

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Please refer to the below table for the current supported versions of Yasumi.

Version Supported
2.5 (dev) :white_check_mark:
< 2.4 :x:
< 1.8 :x:

Reporting a Vulnerability

If you would like to report a vulnerability or have any security concerns with Yasumi, please open an issue.

To investigate your request as good as possible, please include any of the following when reporting:

  • Proof of concept / Code example
  • Any tools, including versions used
  • Any relevant output

I will take all disclosures very seriously and will do my best to rapidly respond and verify the vulnerability before taking the necessary steps to fix it. After my initial reply to your disclosure, which should be directly after receiving it, I will periodically update you with the status of the fix.

Last updated 01/30/2022