There are 12 registered holidays for the Norway provider in 2021.

The below listed holidays (and the aforementioned number of holidays) merely reflect which holidays are registered with the Norway provider in Yasumi. These do not indicate whether a particular holiday is considered a non-working day or not.

Although Yasumi has the ability to classify holidays (e.g. 'Official', 'Regional', etc.), this isn't optimal feature and we are working on a different classification system.

2021-01-01 (Friday)

New Year’s Day

2021-04-01 (Thursday)

Maundy Thursday

2021-04-02 (Friday)

Good Friday

2021-04-04 (Sunday)

Easter Sunday

2021-04-05 (Monday)

Easter Monday

2021-05-01 (Saturday)

International Workers’ Day

2021-05-13 (Thursday)

Ascension Day

2021-05-17 (Monday)


2021-05-23 (Sunday)


2021-05-24 (Monday)


2021-12-25 (Saturday)


2021-12-26 (Sunday)

Second Christmas Day