Yasumi Release v2.1




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A couple of months after the successful v2 release, a new minor release is available as of today. Yasumi v2.1 addresses mostly a few issues for the Japan Holiday Provider and some other bug fixes.


This year marks an important step for Japan as the Japanese Emperor will abdicate the throne on May 1st, 2019. As a result, the Emperors Birthday will change to February 23rd from 2020 onward with no holiday celebrated in 2019. In addition, Coronation Day and the Enthronement Proclamation Ceremony have been added to the holidays for 2019.

With the coming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, another change for Japan is the name of the original 'Health and Sports Day'. The Japanese government decided to be simplify it to 'Sports Day' from 2020 going forward.

Other noteworthy changes

The entire v2.1.0 release notes can be found here: Yasumi v2.1.0 or check out the latest Changelog for more details.

Want to thank again all those that have contributed to Yasumi this time. I hope you all enjoy this new release.



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