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Almost a year has passed since the release of v1.8.0, but finally it is here: Yasumi release version 2!


This new release marks the next step in making Yasumi even better and more stable by fully supporting PHP 7. With this release it also means that active support for PHP 5.x has been ended. PHP 7 is a significant improvement (e.g. performance) over PHP 5, so it was really about time.

Support for PHP 5

For those that still are on PHP 5 (or are in the process of upgrading to PHP 7), release v1.8.1 is now available that include some serious/critical bug fixes discovered since version 1.8.0. It does mean however that in v1.8.1 no new countries have been added opposed to v2.0.0 for example. If you want to take advantage of those, you really need to upgrade to PHP 7.

New features

Although most of the work in Yasumi v2.0.0 was related to making it compatible with PHP 7, some new features are available as well in v2.

Two new countries have been added: Australia including all its states and territories (Tasmania), and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Also, a new very helpful filter has been included that can help you select all the holidays that happen on a given date.

The full v2.0.0 release notes can be found here: Yasumi v2.0.0 and for v1.8.1 can be found here: Yasumi v1.8.1. Alternatively, you can checkout the changelog file in the respective branches of the Yasumi Github repository.

Getting Yasumi v2.0.0

A Zip/Tar archive can be downloaded here: Yasumi v2.0.0 if you like to download the files separately for your project. The preferred way of using Yasumi in your project is through Composer. Please refer to the Getting Started page on how to do that.

Alternatively, you can also change the version number to "2.0.0" in your composer.json file if you are already using Yasumi.

Getting Yasumi v1.8.1

A Zip/Tar archive is available here: Yasumi v1.8.1, although for new installations you really should use v2.0.0.

For existing installations, simply execute a composer update command, or update the version number to "1.8.1" manually in your composer.json file.

Lastly, this documentation site has been slightly improved using a new version of the Bulma CSS framework. You should now be able to browse the documentation and open the menu on your mobile.

So after almost a year, the number of installations/downloads have really skyrocketed! From 76K to over 256K downloads... Quite amazing.


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Want to thank again all those that have contributed to Yasumi so far. I hope you all enjoy this new release.