A new Yasumi Documentation Site




2 minute read

Yasumi has now its own domain yasumi.dev, and a brand-new documentation website! I hope you will like the improvements.

Content Source on Gitlab

The content source files originally were located in a private Git repository mostly because the entire setup was messy, and not happy to share that. I took some time to revisit the structure and have now moved all to a dedicated repository on Gitlab. This means that the content you use is accessible to everybody and allows for anyone to review, comment and edit the content.

Hosted on Netlify

Github Pages has served the Yasumi documentation site well over the last years, however having this site part of the main repository felt a bit weird. Github definitely has made some improvements, however the entire process of hosting a static website feels much more natural and easier with Gitlab and Netlify.

What's new?

So in addition to all information now hosted on Gitlab and Netlify, what else has changed?

A cleaner look

The new site offers a cleaner, fresh interface with a compact navigation menu thanks to the magnificent Jigsaw Static Site generator and the beautiful Tailwind CSS framework. Additionally, at the bottom of each article page, you can see when it was most recently updated. Page Last Update

Searching the entire site was never possible making it hard to find anything quickly. The Jigsaw generator includes a superb search option that is powered by Algolia DocSearch, so you spend less time searching and more time finding. Search

More holiday information

An overview of the generated holidays for the current calendar year of each of the available holiday providers is now part of the documentation. You can easily see how many holidays and which ones have been defined at the moment. Provider Information

Now that the new site is in place, new content will be added over time, and the structure made easier, so you can make the most out of Yasumi.